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Adhi Jaya Kuta - The kayan Spa

The Kayan Spa
Kayan spa invites you to step awayfrom your busy life to enjoy peace, serenity and relaxation. The spai is nestled on a peaceful place at busy Kuta area.

Kayan spa is not about spa trends, but offers spa treatments providing the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation with traditional touch, along with the latest development in massage, renowed international skin care line "BIODGRA" and other spa services.

Facial Treatment
Luxurious Royal Crystal Facial Powerful active ingredients suit to the skin's needs give every customer the opportunity to experience the energy of Royal Crystal Massage with rock crystal wands. In combination with the intensive ROYAL AQUAMARINE FORMULA Microdermabrasion Peeling, in enhances the skin's ability to absorb ingredients and promotes cell proliferation. The acupressure points activated with the rock crystal wands and the drainage techniques that follow enhance the skin's clarity and purity, instantly relaxing the skin and the psyche.

Effects : Refines the skin's profile, Relaxes the facial features, Clarifies the skin's appearance, The energies emitted by the rock crystal wands activate the skin's functions, Skin appears restored and soft.

Result : Reveals a clear, delicated and relaxed complexion. Energizes every skin type.

Tension Relief Head and neck shoulder massage, this concentrate massages employs tradirional technique to relase tension on the head, neck and shoulder.

Balinese Massage The Balinese massage strives to reach the ultimate stateof relaxation of the body and the mind. Using the technique of skin rolling acupressure, long kneading stroke and foot massage to relieve the tension of improve blood circulation.

Reflexology Using a gentle thumb and finger pressure-pointmassage to the reflex points on the feet your thearpist will release blockages and re-establish your body energy flow, tension and improving blood circulation.

Kayan Signature Massage Kayan signaturemassages perform by two spa therapist work in unison, with synchronous hand and arms flowing over your body so seamlessly that your mind can not register the individual strokes whilst absorbing the relaxing aroma therapy oil of your choice. And extraordinary experience that can not be missed.

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The Kayan Spa
The Kayan Spa
The Kayan Spa
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